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ATEM has created unique membership cards for the community_

There will be an initial minting event of membership cards. The membership cards are the ATEM genesis assets that step you into digital car culture and guarantee holders a hand crafted high quality vehicle from the ATEM genesis collection.

Membership cards will have different variations, all traits count when it comes to these cards_

Cards will come in different styles that reflect artists and pioneers who are already pushing the boundaries of car culture. ATEM hopes you will find the membership card that you vibe with and are proud to own. Pay attention to the features on each card to get a grasp of what asset and opportunities these cards will unlock.

Unique handcrafted design_

Viewing the card we expect owners to see small details. The card is a nanomechanical powered asset. It has been suspected by members that the card has the ability to analyze nearby objects and curate its owner's experiences based on the assets it has come into contact with.

Membership access_

ATEM has designed an appealing range of textures and traits, every card carries with it a full membership to the ATEM Car Club. That membership is the key to the value and access to the club.

Different backgrounds_

ATEM Membership cards will come with different backgrounds. ATEM has designed these backgrounds to depict different parts of car culture. Backgrounds are designed to show off places car culture can take us and ignite old memories.

ATEM Membership Card
ATEM wants your membership NFT to be something you are proud of, a nod to our shared ambition of growing car culture and community_
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